Announcing Editions Theme

I’m pleased to announce the release of Editions theme, Pixel Union’s newest addition to our growing collection of Shopify themes, and one which I had the privilege of taking a lead design role.

Editions Theme home page
Home page

Editions is a bit different from other themes in the shop. It’s inspired by the single-channel style of minimal blog design that’s emerged this year, a style exemplified by Justin Oullette’s High Res theme.

However, I also wanted to push the typography a bit, and—for the default configuration—settled on a combination of Brian Zick’s fabulous serif family entitled Neuton, combined with a narrow sans face by Nathan Willis, called News Cycle. The combination of Neuton’s warm, playful humanness and News Cycle’s measured severity brings character and depth to the design. The dark variation makes use of the brilliant PT Sans and PT Serif, both from Paratype.

Another big feature of the theme is the gorgeous, full-width product images. I love web shops that allow you to preview large versions of the product images, and decided to just make this the default view for Editions.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that the theme is responsive, although we’ve tweaked the viewport detection to only trigger mobile views if you’re on the appropriate devices. I’m indebted to the technical team with their dedication to the goal of optimizing the text size, leading and spacing for each viewport—quite daunting for a platform with so many view templates! I’m glad we took the time to make things look perfect at smaller sizes, though—I have strong feelings about optimizing type in this way, and I’m not the only one.

So if you’re looking for a flexible, elegant, typographically-nuanced responsive theme that focuses on showcasing products, check out Editions theme. At $140 USD, it’s an absolute steal for such a fully-realized design solution, on the very best consumer web commerce platform around.